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Working on a commission

And dying from laughter with the 90s pop music playing along with it

send help

mssavenger asked: Hello! I'd like to ask you what programme you use for your amazing drawings?! :)


I use Paint Tool Sai (apparently the old version… oops) for most of my process and then I will take it into Photoshop for color correction and anything else Sai can’t do, like type  :>


levynearcherite asked: YOUR ART IS SO GREAT

OH GOODNESS! Thank you so much <3

I can’t handle all these lovely messages ;A;

Hat hat hat hat

griieva asked: YO I really like your RWBY OC. uwu I love the horns and their weapon.


Thank yoooou!

I love when people like my ocs!  OvO

I am even more excited to post the finished image of her soon

I&#8217;m gonna be a huge tease and just place this here

I’m gonna be a huge tease and just place this here

tsami asked: omg i love how you draw ryan??? thank you for your amazing art uvu

;3; thank you so much for such a lovely comment <3 <3 <3 

I may have a problem where I enjoy drawing him a bit too much… but gdm he is just so fun to draw!

Slowly catching up with The Patch (sad I have been missing it)

The faces Gus and Ashley make in #68 are the best 

and I kind of switched Ryan to just staring at the camera office style

Offering bust commissions!

If anyone is interested please send a note or email me at  

I prefer paypal but if you do not have a paypal account I do have a donate button on my website 

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What are you paying for? If it’s for an item that is physically being shipped to you, then by all means continue!
But if it is for digital art, please reconsider!


This means that paypal is expecting me to ship a physical item to you!
And the more times that I receive money for goods, and do not ship through them, the more it counts against me.
Too many and paypal can elect to hold my funds for thirty days every time I receive them, until it reevaluates my account.
Which means while the customer has their deserved art, I do not technically have money yet.

So PLEASE always send payment for digital art via SERVICES and not GOODS!


(you can get a refund if need be just as easily by selecting services as you can goods!)

Please read this!

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